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Protecting Your data. Always!


DSS, provides protection that doesn’t have an ON and OFF switch. It doesn’t depend on the internet or serwer connection, nor does it rely on passwords and codes. Once You’ll use DSS it will protect Your documents for as long as You want.

How does it work?

Once You secure Your documents using DSS, the AES encryption algorithm will protect the documents You choose. Your files will remain encrypted until You make a specific action of decrypting them.

Both actions are as simple as two mouse clicks!


Is it usefull?

Your first thought may be that this constant protection may cause problems and difficulties during work. What happens if You forget to decrypt the file and You or someone else wont be able to use it? Whatsmore, will DSS work while there is a lack in internet speed or no internet at all?

All answers are absolutely positive!Mr. Efficient

DSS works online, as well as offline. Your documents will stay protected not matter what happens with Your device, the internet or anything else. What will also remain are Your rights to work on secured files. Indeferently from the current situation – You can continue Your work the same as before.

Even if You can’t send Your documents via e-mail, cloud etc., there are alwyas other ways to exchange files. Don’t worry, DSS will keep Your work safe and efficient.