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Let DSS protect You

AES encryption is the core of DSS security, however we want to make sure Your valuable documents are more than safe.

For this reason we created the Total Screen Protection module. As mentioned before, DSS can block all actions related to copying the content of Your desktop. Why is this so valuable?shutterstock_210687757

In order to read, edit or perform any other action on a document, You need to access it first. This ussualy involves opening the file and viewing its content on the screen. While the content of Your document stays displayed on Your desktop, it remains valnurable to copying. By accessing Your device, a hacker can easily make a copy of the viewed text, chart or any other form of data by making a print screen or by filming Your screen.

DSS is prepared to prevent these exact actions.

The popular button located on every keyboard, the print screen (or prt sc) button will not work. Using external software ofering print screen options won’t work. Communication software, using screen sharing options is blocked as well.

All actions related to copying the content of Your desktop are not allowed to happen while DSS is protecting Your documents.