Remote accessflashgate

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As mentioned before, there are certain situations in which You are away from the office but someting urgent needs to be done. We understand that. This is the exact reason why DSS has the ability to be accessed remotly from any device in te world.

Whenever there’s a need to check:

  • where certain documents are located,
  • weather the task was completed or not,
  • if Your documents are safe,
  • or any other reason, DSS will respond to Your expectations.

All these actions can be easily done via the DSS admin panel. In order to log in, all You need to know are two things: how to find the admin panel and how to log into the panel. If Your not the designated user, You’ll have problem. Whatsmore, You can use the DSS admin panel, from any device at Your disposal – all You need is internet connection.

Today, mobility and real time access are the key to success. DSS gives You the key!