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Technological safety

Innovations in the fileds of communication and data transfer are being developed and implemented almost every day. Most of us are already well acquainted with VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solutions such as Skype or many forms of data hosting such as cloud storage. However are we aware of the risks we take while using them?

Most of us heard about cyber attacks on Skype or private, celebrity pictures being stolen from the Cloud. Everyday news, report about stolen passwords, hacked bank accounts or many forms of private data being hijacked and manipulated. When this happens to small time businessess or individuals, the scale of the problem is rather small, with limited consequences. However whem a bigtime company or bank becomes the victim of a cyber attack, thousands of people are affected. Is there a way to decrease or eliminate such threats?

Yes there is!ok

Our solution is simple and unique. DSS, equipped with an extremely strong encryption algorithm as well as numerous protection features, brings new perspectives to information security. It is easy to use, easy to implement and guarantees the safety of Your data. DSS encryption may easily protect documents stored in the cloud, stored on USB drives, emails and any other form of storing and transporting documents.

This is how we can protect You from extrnal security risks.

When it comes to the matter of company internal security, DSS privedes You with a wide choice of solutions. We undertand that certain situations within the the company require subtle but effective measures. This is why we prepared a variety of direct and indirect tools, to help You deal with situations how You see fit. Just to remind You, DSS allows You to:

  • manage user rights
  • establish the range of actions done on protected documents
  • block unwanted actions entirely
  • establish the time and place for work (when working outside the company)
  • audit all actions on Your documents instantly
  • control Your documents remotly.