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Wherever You are…

In many modern businessess, mobility is the key for success. Being able to work at any time wherever You are, became a standard and often a necessity for today’s entrepreneurs. Because of this, no one has a moment to spare on time consuming task, especialy tasks that require Your personal attendence. Sounds familiar?

This is what we came up with.

world in palm

Instant, global access

DSS works not only inside the facility but also outside company boarders. Weather Your on a meeting, on a business trip or someting urgent came up during Your vocation – DSS is by Your side to do what You need, instantly and on the spot.

Being the owner of Your documents, You have access to all DSS functions. One of them is user Rights Management. Remember?

This means, that at any moment You choose, You can ad or take away file access and user privileges. All You need is a computer or a mobile device with internet connection.

The best thing is that, You dont have to have DSS istalled on Your device to do what’s needed…

How is it possible?!

Having control over Your sensitive documents, means being able to react to any situation threatening Your business. You, as the owner of the data, have acceess to the DSS administrator panel. Just log into the panel like into any other web page, enter the the DSS options and manage user rigts as You see fit.

I feel goodIs this useful? Yes!

Imagine Your the DSS admin or a priviledged DSS user and Your out of the office. You receive a call from the company that there has been a security breach. Instead of coming back to the office or sharing Your passwords and access rights You can log into DSS and react instantly.

From the DSS admin panel, You can manage access to all DSS encrypted files – assign rights to open, edit or print documents, take away DSS authorisation from a single user or even an entire department.

If what You need is information, You can easily access the DSS document logs and see what actions were made on Your files, and by whom. This information will help You solve any security issue.

What’s more, these are only the basic actions You can take. With DSS You can do much more!

How do You feel knowing all of this? Good?