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How to secure sensitive company data?lock

Any forms of cooperation include sharing important, often confidential information.

While using so many different systems and devices, is it possible to protect every bit of digital information we possess?

Data Security System (DSS) allows You to protect information with a push of a buton.

DSS protects valuable information, by encrypting Your sensitive documents. Protected files are secured with a extremely strong encryption algorithm, which works as a safe – locking away Your data. You become the keymaster and decide who can open protected files, who can edit them and use them in any other way.

The reason why we mentioned using e-mails, cloud services and other forms of collaborations is that, DSS works on all of them! DSS supports You favourite, most often used office software making it the ideal solution for You and Your Company.


Modern enterprises adapt to the newest technologies available. This is a fact.

Cloud computing services, file sharing and other forms of real time, online collaboration, not to mention the use of portable, mobile devices (BYOD) – has become a standard in business communication. All these innovative technologies provide increased effectiveness, savings and reveneu. However with many advantages, they also bring numerous liabilities.

Every day, whenever we send e-mails, store or download files, work in the cloud – we are faced with numerous data security risks. Information theft, corporate espionage, cyber attacks… these are only a few real threats, which endanger Your employees, clients and partners.

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