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More than Safe!

Other than file encryption, DSS provides You with different means for protecting Your personal documents.

The most popular communication software (such as skype, teamviewer, teammeet, etc.) allows for quick and easy online meetings, conferencences, webinars and other forms of online cooperation. One of their common options, provides the possibility to share the content of each others screen. This means, that by connecting with Your laptop, a person (being in a totaly different location) can see exactly what You’re doing on Your computer. What’s more they can make pictures (screen shots) and movies of every action You take – straight from Your desktop!

Altough hard to imagine, these options are commonly used in everyday communication, everytime Your attending a webinar, a bussiness meeting or having a simple chat with Your colleuge from abroad. By using such tools with people You do not know, Your endangering the data of Your company, Your family as well as Your own.
You would be suprised how easy it is to gain access to someones personal files by using a online communicator. If You’re not curious enough to know how it feels, remember… DSS can help You keep it that way!

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Our Data Security System, provides You with an option of disabling all screen sharing activities. DSS blocks all programs and all build in functions – comming from software or special device properties. This protection is unique and not easy to achieve, however for us it is one of the core functions we provide.

We understand the need for communication, that is why want make sure You can do it safely.