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Authorization management

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By using DSS, You distribute certain rights between users. What rights are we talking about?

At first it may sound complicated, however it is quite simple. In generall DSS enables You to manage the rights to:

  • open and view documents
  • edit file content
  • copy files
  • share files
  • print documents
  • printscreen or screenshare documents.

Normally, everyrone who has a document on their device, can freely open and edit it. They can also print it, copy it and share it via e-mail, cloud or other services. Doest it sound familiar? Do You think it’s safe?

Our Data Security System can change that. With DSS, You decide who, can do what and when with Your sensitive documents. This kind of access policy is called Rights Management and is perfectly logical.

Imagine a company in which all documents flow freely, from department to department. For example we can say that HR, Marketing and Finance all have access to the same server and everyone can open the documents stored on it. In some cases it is actually usefull to have such an open file exchange policy, however when talking about confidential personal or financial data – everything should be properly protected. What can we do to make it better?


After implementing DSS, You can choose between many options. One of them would be to keep the same working policy as portraited, however with one minor difference – for example, only designated staff members may open and work on certain documents. You can devide Your documents and corresponding staff to a specific department, for example HR documents may be opened only by HR employees; Marketing files by people from marketing and etc. If there’s a need for others to see documents of another department, You can simply provide them with the viewing right, without the possibility to edit file content.


The best thing about DSS, is that You can distribute these rights however You can (every mix possible) and change or adjust them whenever You want. It’s that simple! You decide!