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Since 2008 Flashgate, specializes in the field of data security.

Our software is faced with the task of ensuring the confidentiality of documents processed by users from the fields of business, medicine, R&D, government and more.

The security systems we create, are integrated into every day applications, allowing free work and use of Your favorite software. Although seemingly invisible, our solutions separate its users by adding an above-average level of data security, allowing Your businesses to have full control over the flow of documents within the company and beyond.

We build and develop our solutions from the concept to the final product. Our work is dedicated towards creating specialized software allowing for automated encryption, content protection, document workflow supervision, real-time monitoring and rights management.

We constantly improve our software, expanding the range of supported applications by implementing the latest achievements in the field of IT security. The results of our work is being constantly tested, checked for bugs and imperfections in order to create the best data protection system possible.

As a result, our solutions are among the most advanced in the world. Our ambition is to become the World Finest System dedicated to the protection of electronic data. Starting from Europe – Poland, Germany, Switzerland we are expanding to other markets in North America.

While looking forward to achieving our goal we remember about constantly improving our competencies, as well as the growth of all our partners. We know that the key to success is the accumulation of personal and group experiences and further processing them into practical results in our work.

Our struggle towards safety is as unceasing as constant is the development of Information Technologies…

– Rafał Śliwiński, Flashgate CEO