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We are pleased to invite you to the first training within the Academy Flashgate that will cover the technological and commercial protection of company secrets stored on any electronic data carriers.

We believe that freedom of communication and security of the information provided are freedoms that belong to everyone.Our goal and mission is to provide enterprises of comfort and sense of security in their daily exchange of information.

Desire to meet these needs, we invite you to take part in the training Fri.

„Freedom and security companies

– That is how much it costs to get your company’s confidential information „

The training will be held on Friday 19/06/2015 the year, in the chair. 9:00 – 12:30.

Place: Poznań, office Delta, Sapphire hall, VI floor, ul. Commodities 35 (200 meters from the railway Poznan Central).

Purpose of training

Through the organization of this training, we would like to start a series of meetings within the Academy Flashgate – training, workshops and conferences aimed at promoting knowledge of the security of documents and confidential information in Polish enterprises.

We believe that the experience in the field of intellectual property protection are values ​​to be shared.

As an IT company, we understand and know the risks associated with the operation in the information society, in which every document, every information can get out of our control. Sending confidential, sensitive information, disclosure of personal data, sending the company’s offer for a tender or exchange of documents between the strategic partners are the activities that take place every day. Effective execution of these activities, gives us confidence that the good of our loved ones, our employees and the company are assured.

The training program:

9: 00-9: 15 The loss of sensitive data and its implications for business enterprises.

9: 15-9: 45 Legal aspects of the loss of personal data by the company.

9: 45-10: 05 Methodology leak of information from the organization – stages and methods of data capture.

10: 05-10: 30 Technologies today’s data security solutions – the effectiveness of the use of passwords.

Coffee 10.30-11.00 P rzerwa

11: 00-11: 15 Technology today’s data security solutions – the status quo.

11: 15-11: 30 Risks associated with the use of wireless networks (eg. Wi-fi).

11: 30-11: 45 Security of files and documents in the cloud.

11: 45-12: 15 modern and effective methods of protecting sensitive documents within the organization and beyond.

12: 15-12: 30 DSS as an example of the most modern security systems:

mechanism of action, which causes the effectiveness and reliability,

practical examples.

12:30. Panel discussion.

The benefits of participation in training:

  • how the system of surveillance information in Poland and Europe,
  • how companies are losing their technological and commercial secrets stored on the seemingly secure data carriers
  • what legal consequences await the company, which floated personal data
  • What should I use passwords
  • what passwords are ineffective
  • where and how to store passwords
  • as isolated in a simple way to encrypt sensitive files
  • how to harden into social engineering hackers
  • whether the documents in the cloud are indeed safe
  • how to secure the mail traffic, or a corporate network (eg. wi-fi)
  • what are the most modern methods of protection within the company and beyond

Conditions of participation:

  • fill in an application form available in enclosed or visit
  • make a donation in the amount of 50 zł gross from the participant’s account number: 1924 90 0005 0000 4530 4398 6912,Flashgate Sp. z oo, ul. Component 4/7, 61-897 Poznan,
  • send confirmation of the transfer to the following address: .

We make a reservation upon receipt of your application form and confirmation of payment.

The participation in the training come first served. The number of places is limited.

Each participant will receive a certificate of training and training materials confirming participation.

If you have any questions, we can help:

Michael RemiszLogo FG large

Specialist. Marketing Communications

tel. (61) 853-95-80