Working on and offline - flashgate

With and without keep calm

DSS works online as well as offline. Even though You cannot connect with the server, receive or send e-mails, access the DSS administrator panel – You may calmly proceed with Your work.

You may be wondering, if Your files are still protected even though there is no internet… YES, they are! Once DSS protection is established, it wont leave Your documents until You say so. With or without internet, on a mobile device, CD or USB pendrive, Your files are always protected. No matter the situation, You can proceed with Your work without worry.

Whatsmore, we can show You other situations where this is usefull.


While away…

Working offline has always been an important DSS functionality. During a netwrok failure, while being on a business trip or even on a holliday, somehow there are always urgent tasks that need Your attention. For this reason, DSS provides You with a few practical options.

I. Setting a timer which allows You to work for a planned amount of time. For examle:

  • When internet access suddenly gets cut off, DSS can be programmed to proceed as usual for the next 4 hours. After exceeding 4 hours of offline work, without online authentication, DSS will block the ability to process protected files (You chose the number of hours and the time span, i.e. from 12 AM to 4 PM).
  • Sie können den gleichen Mechanismus mit einer unterschiedlichen Trigger wie-Öffnen einer geschützten Datei starten. Beispielsweise wenn Ihr auf eine Geschäftskultur-Reise, wo Sie wissen, Internet-Zugang wird ein Problem sein, kann DSS den Countdown beginnen, da im ersten Moment Sie versuchen, eine geschützte Datei zu öffnen. Wenn der Lockdown-Zeitraum 48 Stunden festgelegt wurde, bieten DSS Sie volle Funktionalität für die nächsten zwei Tage seit der ersten Eröffnung einer geschützten Datei.

II. DSS allows You to keep all Your online permissions when going offline. It can also limit Your rights after going offline, i.e. to only editing a file, without the chance to copy or print it.

III. When faced with a cituation where long term internet use will be difficult (i.e. War time), You can also create a DSS protected document which may work only offline. Such a file can be transfered and edited by another offline user, who has the necessary DSS rights.